How to Zyxel Router Login – Find Default User, Password, IP

While setting up the Zyxel router, it’s ideal to go through wired association. Wired connections maintain a strategic distance from the danger of unexpectedly being logged off when saving changes. Zyxel has a wide variety of routers that you can choose from. With each product having its own unique details and functions. Choose the one that best suits you and according to your budget as well. If you already have one and want to know how to log in, then read this post. While helping you know Zyxel router login, take some time to learn also about other routers on the Router Login List.

zyxel router login

Launch the internet browser of choice and type the IP address of your Zyxel router in the location bar. Always look for the IP address on the rear of your router. 

On the dialog that appears, enter the default username and password of your router on the administrator board. Without your username and password, you can use one of the default passwords for Zyxel routers.

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Zyxel switch as an Access 

  1. Open the web-interface by typing in the IP address on the search bar
  2. Go to Configuration > Objects > AP Profile > SSID > Security List and snap on the include button. 
  3. Set up the Security-Profile’s name, select the security mode you need to utilize. Consider which security standard suits your purpose. (WPA2 is recommended and makes it strong).  
  4. Go to SSID List and tap on the Add button. 
  5. Set up the SSID-Profile’s name and enter the name of the remote system you need to communicate with later on. 
  6. Select the Security-Profile, which has been made in stage 3. 
  7. Go to Configuration > Wireless > AP Management. 
  8. On the primary (Radio 1) and the second (Radio 2), we select the SSIDs, which are in stage 4.

Reset Zyxel Routers 

If you can’t sign in to your router, you are likely using an inappropriate username or password. Make sure to make a note of both after you have changed them from the default ones provided.

Have you overlooked the Login Password? Make a decent attempt resetting your router login. Press and hold the little dark button found at the back of your router for around 10 seconds then release. The command will reset your router to the factory settings. Resetting means the set password is no longer viable. You can only use the default ones that come with the router. 

Router Login 


If the login page isn’t stacking, ensure the gadget you are using connects with the Wi-Fi. You will also need to check if an inappropriate router IP address is set as the default one. 

Sometimes pages may have issues stacking or issues with the internet speed. It could also be that using an alternate IP address is slowing the opening. If the page is still not opening, confirm the IP address router list, and find the correct one. Look at the bottom of your router to find your IP address on the sticker with the router details.

Open the router interface to your PC using an ethernet link. The Ethernet port and LAN port of the router of your PC ought to associate through a single Ethernet link. The ADSL link of the modem goes inside the wan port of the router. 

  1. On your browser enter the IP address of your router. The default IP address, right now, is 
  2. A login page will ask you to enter the username and password. 
  3. Type the username as administrator and password like 1234, which is the default password for Zyxel routers. 
  4. After signing in, the router-based arrangement wizard will open before you. 
  5. Go to “Support < User Account.” Type the current password and set a new password. 
  6. After setting your new password, click on “apply” to apply the changes. 

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Why Is Zyxel Router Login Login Not Working

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, access to the internet has become an integral part of our lives. Whether for work or leisure, staying connected is of utmost importance. This makes it particularly frustrating when we encounter issues while trying to log in to our routers, and the perennial problem of a Zyxel router login not working is no exception. This recurring issue warrants our attention as it impacts countless individuals desiring seamless access to their network settings.

When faced with this exasperating situation, it is only natural to question why Zyxel routers, known for their reliability and efficient performance, would suddenly encounter login-related troubles. Several factors could be at play here. First and foremost, it might simply be a technical glitch. Like any electronic device, routers also have the potential to experience temporary malfunctions, resulting in login issues.

Another plausible reason for a Zyxel router login not working could be attributed to user error. Network settings can be complex and navigating through the intricacies of router configurations might be overwhelming for some users. It is easy for one incorrect step to throw off the entire login process, leading to frustration and further compounding the problem.

Moreover, security features can pose barriers when attempting to log in to a Zyxel router. With the rising prevalence of cyber threats, router manufacturers have continuously bolstered the security measures implemented within their devices. This commendable step has safeguarded users against potential intrusions but, at times, it may inadvertently impede the login process.

Fortunately, there are some steps one can take to troubleshoot and rectify the issue themselves before resorting to seeking professional assistance. First and foremost, rebooting the router can often prove fruitful. A simple power cycle can refresh the device and eradicate temporary glitches that might be obstructing the login process.

Furthermore, ensuring that the login credentials are correctly entered is key. It is not uncommon to make typographical errors or forget the password altogether. Hence, double-checking the username and password details is an essential precautionary step that could alleviate the frustration encountered during login attempts.

In addition to these measures, it is paramount to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or the Zyxel website to check for any known issues or updates regarding login problems. Manufacturers generally maintain support pages dedicated to addressing common concerns and providing users with solutions. By tapping into these resources, users may gain further insights and find resolution.

However, it is pertinent to recognize that despite our best efforts, some instances may require professional intervention. Reaching out to the appropriate customer support channels can prove immensely helpful. Manufacturers often provide technical assistance either through helpline numbers or online chat functions, ensuring that the issue is addressed promptly and accurately.

In conclusion, facing difficulties while attempting to log in to a Zyxel router can be a maddening experience, hindering our ability to connect to the internet smoothly. Understanding that this issue may arise due to technical glitches, user errors, or strengthened security measures is crucial. Nevertheless, there are steps that can be taken to rectify the issue independently. By rebooting the router, cross-verifying login credentials, and referring to manufacturer resources, users can tackle this issue head-on or seek professional assistance when necessary, ensuring access to a seamless internet experience.

Zyxel Router Login Password Reset

The following is a bit by bit procedure to walk you through the password-evolving process. Note that there are two sorts of organization interfaces for Zyxel ADSL CPEs, and their password changing methodology is marginally unique.

  1. Open a browser and type in your switch IP address on the URL field. If you haven’t transformed it previously, you can use the default IP address ( to log in.
  2. Login to the gadget with your customized secret password. If you haven’t transformed it before changing it, please log in with the default username and password (1234)
  3. After login, go to Maintenance
  4. Type your new secret key in the field and type it again in “Confirm Password,” at that point click, then snap “SAVE.”
  5. After saving the new password, you need to re-login with the new password.
  6. Your password is effectively reset.

Frequently Asked Questions


Note that the Wi-Fi network name, also known as the service set identifier (SSID), is the name by which your network communicates with other devices. It’s also the name that users in the area will see in the list of accessible networks on their devices. Make a name for your network that is unique, and make sure that all routers on your network have the same name for each band they support.

Hope this article gave some answers to you. We have listed out most of the topics that you might be searching for. It is a digital world, and with the increasing digital threats to organising gadgets, it is strongly advised that all clients change their gadget password and Wi-Fi SSID/password for improved security and data protection. If you have a question or observation about your wireless routers, please leave it below.

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