How to Reset Asus Router – Resetting Your Wireless Router Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Wondering how to reset Asus routers? If your Asus router is behaving oddly or simply isn’t working, you may want to know how to reset it. It’s a common router, but it can be damaged or corrupted and have the ability to operate less than it should. Fortunately, these days there are guides and support online for just about any kind of router problem. So, how do you reset Asus routers? Check out how to router login to configure and set up routers.

The first thing you should do when resetting your Asus wireless router is to disconnect it from the wireless network. Let it cool down fully (but not too much) then plug the power cord back in. If you’re doing this for the first time or have just moved the router from one place to another, it might take several minutes for the wireless card to recognize the wireless connection. This is normal.

Once it recognizes the wireless connection, open your router’s manual. You’ll find all the details on the back of the unit. Find the WEP settings and set them to the default settings. You might need to enter a pass code to unlock the router. When you’ve done that, reboot your computer.

Plug the new wireless card into the new port on the back of your Asus router. You might have to again enter a pass code to unlock the router. Follow the same steps from the original step, restarting your computer. Your router should now be working like a new one.

The next step on how to reset Asus router problems is to clear the internet cache and Internet files of the old configuration. This is where most of the time is lost when your router reboots. Simply go to the Windows System Tools menu and click on the “Networking” tab. Select “Defragment and Cleanup” tab and then click OK. When you’re done, reboot your computer to get the changes to take effect.

If you can’t get the Asus router to connect to the secure wireless connection, it may be due to one of your modem drivers. Locate the appropriate driver software and install it. When done, re-insert the modem into the PC. It should auto-connect to the secure wireless connection.

In some other cases, you might need to run a virus scan or spyware removal software to repair any damage that might have been done by spyware or other viruses to your Asus router. This is one of the tips on how to reset Asus router problems that you should never skip. When you have such a software, run it immediately after uninstalling it.

Restarting your computer after uninstalling Asus router software may also help you if your router is not responding. It will reboot your router automatically. Try this method first before using the backup method to reset Asus router. The problem could have affected only one or more devices of your wireless connection. In this case, restarting your computer might not help. You may have to run an additional scan or look for other options on how to reset Asus router.

One of the best methods on how to reset Asus router is to use Windows restore point tool. This can be acquired from Windows Update or you can search for it online. Just click Start, Run and type in “regedit” and you will see a window with a registry editor. You can use this tool to open your computer and find the reset option there. By default, windows restore point is set to create a backup before starting your computer which is why you have to select “no backup” here so your wireless connection will not be interrupted.

In some cases, you can reset the Asus router using a software program. This is the safest method on how to reset the Asus router even though it might not be compatible with your current operating system. You should install and run the program, which is designed for making wireless connections between computers and has a button for resetting or restoring the wireless connection. Once you are sure that your wireless connection will resume, you can just leave the wireless connection button there until you are ready to make another connection.

If none of these methods worked, you might need to check your wireless router manufacturer’s website for instructions. If you still get an error message while attempting to reset Asus router, you need to go back to the original manufacturer. Usually, there is one more step after you have successfully reset Asus. You need to put the computer back together and reinstall all the software packages. It is important that you have enough space to hold all the installed programs so that you can reinstall them without damaging your other programs.

Your last option on how to reset the Asus router is to seek help from the Internet itself. There are websites and blogs that are dedicated to help people reset their wireless routers. They have the capability to reset your Asus router by resetting its software and hardware. This is a bit tricky, so you need to make sure that you can trust the website or blog before proceeding to use its steps. Aside from that, these resources will also provide you different tips and tricks on how to reset the Asus router. You can check these resources every time you need additional information regarding this particular type of wireless device.

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